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HFMA Mission

As the authoritative voice of the natural health industry, the HFMA supports the interests of its members with legislators and regulators; promotes industry best practice for product quality and safety; and provides responsible information for consumers.

Aloe Vera Kitemark

The HFMA Aloe vera Standard was launched on the 25th February 2003 to provide a guarantee of high product quality in the Aloe vera gels and juices that meet the HFMA’s rigorous specification.

Aloe vera gel or juice, usually derived from the leaves of the Aloe Barbadensis miller plant, is used in a wide variety of food and cosmetic products. Expert extraction and processing techniques are essential to ensure that these delicate ingredients retain their potency.

The HFMA’s Aloe vera Group was set up in 1998 to develop a specification that clearly established the presence and quality of Aloe vera in gels and juices, thereby allaying concerns about product quality expressed by some regulatory authorities and media.

Extensive research identified only one European laboratory capable of offering an efficient and fully validated method to determine the markers for Aloe vera products.

The HFMA then instigated a demanding programme of product testing resulting in the identification of a number of products that met their exacting Standard. These products can now apply to carry the HFMA Aloe vera Standard logo on their packaging and in their advertising materials whilst other companies can apply for their products to undergo tests to determine conformity to the Standard.

Applying for the Standard
Companies wishing to apply for the HFMA Standard should contact the HFMA in the first instance (Tel: 0208 481 7100) to obtain details. Requirements include product samples – both finished products and raw materials - for laboratory testing and certification from relevant suppliers. The results are then evaluated by the HFMA Aloe vera Standards Committee with the whole process taking about 8-12 weeks from receipt of samples. Successful applicants will be granted permission to use the HFMA Standard mark for an initial 2 year period during which the products may be subject to spot checks to determine continued conformity.

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