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HFMA Mission

As the authoritative voice of the natural health industry, the HFMA supports the interests of its members with legislators and regulators; promotes industry best practice for product quality and safety; and provides responsible information for consumers.

Information for members

Below is an example of the regular updates that member's receive in the members' area of the website:


The HFMA Working Group meetings for 2016 are on: 28th January, 28th April, 11th August and 24th November

The minutes for the Herbals and FSRST April meetings are now available

New to the website


27.06.16 - e-mail to HFMA members regarding BREXIT

06.06.16 - Post AGM e-mail to members


13th April 2016 - HFMA Presentations now available to download

All presentations from 2014 onwards are now available to download in a new 'Presentations' tab in the members' section


06.01.15 - DH Article 13.1 On Hold Health Claims spreadsheet - Updated 23rd May 2014

4th June 2013 - a more recent version The EC Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims Made on Foods [No. 1924/2006] is available here

8th May 2013 - We have updated our guidance document for our members, the HFMA Guidance on Interpretation and Compliance with the Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation Version 2 (8th May 2013). We are hopeful that this will help provide you and your colleagues with a better understanding of the Regulation itself and the many complex questions of interpretation that arise from it. It is anticipated that this is a ‘living’ document and which will probably need to be regularly updated in subsequent versions as we learn more - click here

May 2013 - Updated HFMA Matrix of Pending Claims

• Following some requests from member companies we have produced a simplified consolidated list of pending health claims, comprising the c. 150 Article 13.1 health claims currently ‘on hold’
• It should be noted that this list does not include the 1,000+ Botanical claims that, along with all Botanical claims, have been pended by the Commission until further notice, and also that this list is not an ‘official’ one as the EC has yet to publish such a list, nor has it yet produced a list of  ‘Rejected’ health claims. It has, however, produced a list of the 222 ‘Approved’ health claims

• January 2012 - We have now further updated the matrix to include the significantly longer list of pending botanical claims, which are highlighted in green

 ◦The latest Scientific Advisers Report is now available
 ◦The latest Technical Advisers Report is now available
 ◦The latest IADSA Newsflash is now available
 ◦The latest Herbal Forum Minutes are now available
 ◦The latest LAPAD News is now available
 ◦Click here for the latest HFMA Mailout
Graham Keen invites you to join the HFMA group on LinkedIn - exclusively available to members, this group has been established to allow you to easily network and interact with other members to discuss ideas, share knowledge, keep in touch with HFMA news, search for specific information and hear other member's thoughts of issues affecting our industry - contact for more information
Free AER Software now available for HFMA Members - As you will know, the HFMA is encouraging all members to adopt an Adverse Event Reporting (AER) system if they do not already have one in place.  Mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry under pharmocovigilance requirements, AER is an excellent means of recording and assessing consumer reactions to ingredients and products used in the industry. Not only does it result in a wealth of useful safety data, but in the unfortunate event of a safety issue, the AER system will enable companies to assess the potential cause and take swift action to prevent further adverse reactions. It also enables the industry as a whole to demonstrate a history of safety of natural health products and ingredients.
The AER software is now available to download from here - if you require any further advice or assistance, please contact
HFMA makes its mark  -  The HFMA has unveiled a new stamp specifically designed to enable members to demonstrate industry support and excellence through membership of the association.  The new HFMA members’ stamp can be used by members on trade advertising and marketing material to show evidence of membership and support of the HFMA. In addition to trade communications, the stamp is designed for use on company stationery and websites, but not in consumer communications. The stamp should be positioned within close proximity of the company name/contact details, and copies of how the stamp is intended to be used should be submitted to LAPAD for prior approval. Use of the stamp does not imply approval or accreditation for products, claims and/or marketing messages.  For your copy of the HFMA Stamp, contact Linda Phillips on 0208 481 7100 or email



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