hfma clearcheck logoCLEAR CHECK can help you navigate the regulatory minefield in one of the world’s most complex industries.

Hundreds of companies each year receive specialist, and highly cost-effective, advice and HFMA member companies enjoy beneficial hourly rates.

  • Publicity, advertising and promotion are vital to the successful marketing of specialist health products – but, the regulatory framework is highly complex
  • There are detailed and specific requirements for the various different categories of specialist health product – foods, food supplements, herbal and homoeopathic products, cosmetics, etc.
  • Failure to tailor labelling, advertising and promotional material to UK regulatory requirements is a certain route to market failure
  • CLEAR CHECK’s aim is to achieve the maximum marketing advantage for the product within the law – and in particular the maximum permissible information to the consumer
  • Amongst a broad range of services, CLEAR CHECK offers a procedure for reporting non-compliant non-member companies to enforcement authorities; it can liaise with other EHPM member Secretariats to provide market specific advice from other EU member states; it can provide tailored training, on (or off) site.

CLEAR CHECK’s Code of Practice Administrators have over 50 years of combined experience offering advice to companies seeking help with understanding the complexities of the regulatory minefield before them and administrating the HFMA’s Code of Advertising Practice.

  • Gwyneth Massey BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, MRSB, CBiol
  • Dr Katie Burren PhD Neural Development and BSc (Hons) Biochemistry
  • Esther Mills-Roberts BSc (Hons) Nutritional Biochemistry
Service Fee
HMFA Member £82.00 per hour + VAT (minimum invoice value £30.00 + VAT)
HFMA Non-Member £155.00 per hour + VAT (minimum invoice value £50.00 + VAT)
Telephone Enquiries First 10 minutes (5 minutes for non-members) of initial enquiries are not chargeable. After that, the hourly rate applies.

Service required at very short notice may attract a £50.00 + VAT surcharge. Please contact the Administrators for further details.

Invoices are submitted monthly and must be settled within 30 days. First time users of the service will require pre-payment via pro-forma invoice.

CLEAR CHECK aims to return comments within 7 working days, but this can increase during times of heavy work load or during staff holidays’

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

HFMA CLEAR CHECK is an accredited compliance service

Surrey and Buckinghamshire Trading Standards, who are the HFMA’s Primary Authority, have assessed the CLEAR CHECK service for its food standards support and concluded:

“… that their activities are organised to ensure … a high level of quality in compliance services which include: advice; checks on labels and advertising; and training.”
Furthermore, concluding:

“The quality level has been independently reviewed and in our opinion is likely to provide users of those services with a defence of ‘having taken all reasonable precations and exercised all due diligence’…”

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