If your company is not already a member of the HFMA, think seriously about joining. You would be a member of by far the most vocal and proactive trade association in the sector, and we have always gone to extraordinary lengths to try to protect our members’ interests. In most situations if we did not do this, nobody would, least of all an individual member company acting in isolation.

10 reasons to join the HFMA


Your queries answered – HFMA Secretariat, CLEAR CHECK™ and advisers are at the end of a phone. You have unrestricted and free access to some of the best technical, scientific, regulatory and political advice that you could wish for. And through the HFMA you have access to our counterpart ‘sister’ trade associations in 13 other EU member states.


We are constantly fighting for the regulatory ‘rights’ for the existence of the specific ingredient forms, additives and delivery forms that our members use in their products. Our efforts in this area have been critical.


At a time when enforcement is stretched, we are keeping a level playing field, ensuring there is a way, through your trade association, to report misleading and unscrupulous competitors that could take sales/market share from you by using unfair or even illegal means. This is happening on a daily basis.


We are, on a daily basis, helping our members ensure that their products, adverts and packaging are, and REMAIN, fully compliant with all UK and EU regulations and thereby don’t fall foul of the authorities/TSOs etc.


If issues arise:

  • You get an early warning and timely response if anything is raised by a regulator, or something is on the regulatory horizon
  • If the challenge comes to HFMA first it can be potentially headed off before it even reaches the Company (i.e. we act as a buffer to address the problem)
  • In terms of other companies, we have an internal HFMA system (known as UCI – i.e. Unfair and Illegal Competition), whereby member companies are asked to bring concerns to me and in strictest confidence, about other member companies, rather than approach the regulatory and enforcement authorities. We then try to resolve these issues internally
  • We could also be of help with issues such as ASA investigations and rulings

We manage the secretariat for All-Party Parliamentary Group on Micronutrients and Health (see: and this helps us to now be better able to influence events in Westminster.


As a member you receive a constant stream of news update, ‘In the News’ and ‘Beyond the News’ bulletins, CLEAR CHECK News and other mailings, have access to an information-packed members-only section of our website, and the opportunity to attend our quarterly technical working groups meetings.


We have never been better connected to the regulatory and enforcement authorities on a national or local level. We are better connected now than ever before to the Department of Health, FSA, Regulatory Delivery, Defra, MHRA, Trading Standards Institute etc,


Through your membership of the HFMA, you can, at no additional cost, sign up to the Primary Authority Coordinated Partnership with Surrey and Buckinghamshire Trading Standards, and your being part of the PA Partnership provides you with a protective ‘shield’ that you otherwise might not have.


We spend a lot of time and effort in being on the lookout for, and handling, the media PR issuesthat always seem to be coming our way. There are countless times when we have been a voice of reason and balance in an otherwise damaging story in the national media.

How to join

Should you wish to apply for HFMA membership, we would need your completed application form accompanied by any product label and/or promotional leaflets, 7 days before our next HFMA Council meeting, where all new member applications are reviewed. This is in order for our CLEAR CHECK service to conduct an initial review.

Applying for HFMA membership is simple – just complete this form and we will send you an application form. Fill in and return the application form, GMP Checklist along with your product labels and marketing materials.

3 Reasons to act now:

SUPPORT – Support your industry and let your industry help and support you.

ADVICE – Direct access to an unmatched network of scientific, technical, regulatory, political and public affairs advisors.

PROTECTION – Your business will be impacted by EU legislative and regulatory changes. Are you aware of these, and do you have the mechanism in place to react and defend your interests?

There has never been a more important time to protect and promote your interests, and those of the industry. Join the HFMA and see the benefits that membership brings.